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Ultra-luxurious "hate day high" has always been a christian louboutin shoes classic masterpiece. Because Christian Louboutin its 10-inches above the heel height, perfect girls elongated leg line, winning many artists entertainment star love. Christian Louboutin 2013 spring and summer season, the official website of the red-soled shoes color stitching playing with beads, rivets, leather and other different elements spliced ??out Christian Louboutin 2013 official website flamboyant and extravagant spring and summer high-heeled shoes.

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Christian Louboutin Asia is pleased to announce the first christian louboutin outlets in Shenyang opened. Shenyang is China's third store, the seventh Asia-Pacific region, but also the world's first 58 Christian Louboutin boutiques. Brand new store located in the exclusive gathering of municipal Plaza, an area of ??135 square meters, presents the latest women shoes and handbags series. Shop facades flowing full of Chinese characteristics dazzling relief, 212box chief designer Eric Clough said: "We know from a long history of stone carving culture Shenyang inspiration, especially the famous gardening event in the use of smoke relief." Store in 2013 spring and summer Series kicks off, in addition to other hot Bianca and Lady Peep classic style, as well as the popular quarter of exciting designs, such as avant-garde humor Interlopa and eye-catching Pigalle Spikes Flat.

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Red-soled shoes are Christian Louboutin's signature logo, waterproof once again join the women of Christian Louboutin high heels on insanity. Christian Louboutin 13 summer series with bright colors and offbeat color printing snake, cowboy mosaic rivets, large Tassels and other personalized fashion elements added, once again set off a wave of red-soled shoes. christian louboutin outlet to all kinds of jagged metal rivets as a selling point of Christian Louboutin "Pik Pik" series of shoes is not launched in the fixed fan's Flat Shoes big success, this places the same brand acclaimed Flat shoes loaded on black glossy triangular cone, conical rivets, and with the finish and iconic red leather sole, so comfortable shoes become worn, Loafer fashion suction eye.

christian louboutin shoes outlet

Father of Christian Louboutin red sole has been creating a lot of sexy high heels and perfect lines, each pair has a beautiful stream line appearance, very stunning extrinsic. The 2013 spring and summer series, it really is different for each pair, Christian Louboutin shoes of this series some very aggressive, and some very bold, some with fine embroidery as external, as well as simple and transparent style, transparent part dotted Simple design itself. Transparent shoes are a summer feel, with light and elegant feeling. christian louboutin shoes outlet, there are many styles which one do you like it?

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French designer Christian Louboutin designs shoes "elegant" countless feet, in the world of Christian Louboutin heels that the French are absolutely can not be ignored. In fact, to ignore also can not ignore, this brand of red to not work, female celebrities feet directly under the Nama red will grab your attention. The sole design is too smart, "seizing the line of sight" is a selling point so that women seductive, sexy very narcissistic very Mensao, imagine some men to follow their red soles of sight, the women would have been very willing to pay. "Red shoes" of recognition is high, it's another advantage of the female stars free advertising. See red sole is Christian Louboutin, no need to find logo. christian louboutin shoes highlighting women's lovely, quieter and beautiful mature sexy. Wearing the shoes of the woman is more able to attract the eyes of men. Inspired by the Paris nightlife and The Palace and Folies gendary nightclub in Paris showgirl.